My husband has been a dachshund fancier for 40+ years.  He introduced me to dachshunds 5 years ago.  I immediately fell in love with the breed.

Here he is as a young boy with his beloved companions.  The black and white photo is  Lady.  The color phot is Max.  Both were standards because no one had heard of mini dachshunds back then.

Johnny also plays banjo.  See his banjer page here

We have a grandprincess, too.  She lives in New York City area, so
I don't get to see her enough.
She's a funny, sweet, pretty and cute little girl.
She calls me Grandmama of the puppies.

My little princess.  She's in kindegarten now!  I miss her.

We also have cats.  We have strays that have become our outside cats.  Our doggies know they are ours and get along well with them.  I had to teach them to like cats.  It's not too hard.  A leash and lots of "atta boys" is the trick!

This is Elvis and Junebug

Sylvester, the banjer cat.  He loves sleeping where an Earl Scruggs Signed Edition usually stays.

This is Oreo, aka Tater.  He's a sweetheart.  Sylvester doesn't like it much but Tater stays inside a lot, too.


Every year I make a doggie Christmas card.
This is 2005.


Christmas 2006.  Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas 2007!

Our favorite place to vacation
This was the view from our room at the Bellagio

Johnny pretending to be President at Ronald Reagan Library

My favorite helper.   She's also my wonderful mother-in-law and fellow dog lover. She is the person who stands with leash in hand while I go hide to practice for Canine Good Citizen testing. : )

Jewell holding Thelma:


Pics of the farm where we'll have our Dachshund Ranch one day:

foal on the farm  foalJohnny trying to pet horse  farm land farm land

swimming hole


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