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I thought I would make a page for all the wonderful letters I receive from my dachshund family after they have lived with their new baby for a little while.  I promise I will show the good and the bad.  It's just that at this point in time, I only have good letters! My babies are all in great homes with great families!

These emails are in no particular order. 

Hello Karen,
  I don't know where to start telling you what an exceptionally wonderful dog she is.  After having several dachshunds over the last twenty years, she is without doubt the cutest, smartest, sweetest, most lovable baby we have ever had.  xxxx is living in the dorm at Auburn this year so Maizie is still with us and xxxx comes to see her everyday.  I don't know what we are going to do when she moves into an apartment in May.  My husband and I can't stand the thought of not having Maizie with us. 
   Maizie was housebroken within a few weeks. she caught on to that like no puppy I hav ever seen.  She loves to play ball, she loves to play with our other dogs.  One of them is indifferent to her, one loves to play with her, and our old dog treats her like a grandbaby, doting on her and checking on her when she is out of sight.  
I can never thank you enough for letting us adopt Maizie.  You can know with certainty that she is having the best possible like with us.  All four dachshunds sleep in the bed with my husband and me every night unless xxxx  is home and then they sleep together. 
  We are going to Dallas tomorrow for the Cotton Bowl and Maizie is the only baby going with us.  We are staying with friends out there who want to get a dachshund and they can't wait to meet her. 
  xxxx  has lot of pictures and as soon as she gets a glitch out of her computer, I will get her to e-mail them to you.  I still don't know how to do that.
I hope that you are having a Merry for this Maizie, she is such a blessing and brings us so much joy.  
I will try to do a better job of staying in touch.   Have a Happy New Year!!!

(This great  family wanted a full sister for Maizie.  One year later they got another Elvis/Priscilla puppy!)

She is amazing! Our other dogs took to her much quicker than they took to Maizie. I think it was because last year it had been about 6 year since we brought another dog into the house, and this year they're more used to it. Maizie and Millie were best buds as soon as we got in the car! They started to play in my lap so we folded down the seats in the back of mom's tahoe and they played like they were from the same litter! I'll have more pics soon! 


Hi Karen, 

Sorry it's been so long since I've written you. Chester just got the last of his shots yesterday, so he is glad that he won't have to revisit the vet until his adult shots (hopefully!). The vet says he is 7 3/4 pounds -- he's growing up so quickly!! He's doing so well! I socialize him with as many people, dogs, and cats as I can and he never shows signs of being timid. He's very brave and curious! I do confidence-building with him frequently -- walking him on new surfaces, and showing him many different places so he will be a well-rounded dog. I took him to the park and went down the slide with him a couple times, and after 5 minutes, he was sliding down all by himself! He's learned how to sit, and play fetch. He's coming along very well in the crate-training, and also house breaking. If he ever has an accident, I blame myself for not being more punctual. His markings have turned out beautifully and I get nothing by smiles when people pass him! My mom's friend use to breed Miniature Doxons and would oftentimes have up to 60 at a time, and she says Chester is the most handsome one she's ever seen -- she even started to cry when she saw him! He's responding very well to training -- even at 3 1/2 months old! I am very pleased with his progress. He's a joy to come home to and I couldn't have asked for any better puppy! Thank you so much. I've attached some pictures from Christmas-time to a couple days ago.  Sincerely, xxxxxxxxx


Hi Karen,

Sorry we haven't sent any pics earlier. We have been thinking about you and wanted to make sure we gave you an update. Despereaux is doing great. He is "mostly" house trained and is getting along great with our other pets. He likes to chase our sheltie, Zoe, around every day. They play tag a lot. It is hilarious to see them chase after one another, then turn around and go the other way. Also, he likes to sleep all snuggled up in bed. We love to see him peek his little nose out of the covers every morning. And, he is still trying to get the cat to play with him. (the cat, however, isn't much for playing with anything!) 

Anyway, we love him so much and are glad to have him in our family. 

I hope you enjoy seeing him in these pics. Have a wonderfully blessed thanksgiving holiday.

God Bless you and yours, xxxxxxx

Hi, just a little note.
Daisy made the trip Satuarday fine. She got a little car sick but I let
the window down some. She is adjusting fine to the her new surroundings.
She followed me all Saturday evening when I was cleaning house.. Then
she played with Shorty for a while in the kitchen. It was so funny she
pinned Shorty to the kitchen floor and was biting him under the chin..
It was so funny to see them!!! Then she chased Abbey the cat yesterday
and barked at her some.
In the morning I did some yard work and plowed my garden, she followed
me all over the garden and was not the least afraid of the tiller.
We have a vet appointment today..

Hi Karen,
Just to let you know about Daisy,
She went to the doctor last week and had gained 1.1lbs in a month. The Vet is in love with her and is amazed at what excellent health she is in. I had to change foods, she just was not eating Nurtro Ultra. I put her on Science Diet Natural (it is new) she loves it... She is so funny at times. Last Friday it was raining and she did not know what to think of the rain. She does not like the grass when it was wet but she loves for me to pore out the bucket for water on the patio. She chases the water as it runs down the patio.

She loves to out smart me. She has figured out how to get on top of the BBQ grill. She jumps up in the Wicker chair and climb around to the top of the chair and then hop over to the top of the grill. Then looks down at Shorty as to say I  can do this why cant you.. She still loves to pick on Shorty but he is so good with her. He will take a toy by one end and hold it up and then let her get on the other end and have her pull. Like tug of war.

She was so sweet last night, about 9 she got in her hug sack in my lap and went to sleep. It was like looking at a baby under a blanket. She was so cute and peaceful. I picked her up and put her in her crate without waking her up.

(More from the owner of Daisy)

Sorry this note is a little late. I have been busy at work, yard work and with Daisy and Shorty.

Daisy is doing great and loves to pick on Shorty and Tigger(cat). Shorty is so good with her when their playing. Daisy helped plant flowers on Wednesday. She loves to smell and play in them.
Daisy and Shorty have been playing tug of war with the toys. Even if I have 2 of each they seem to only want just one. They also love to play chase. One starts running and the other follows. The are both quick. The Kids next door love to play with both of them and to her Daisy bark.
She now weighs about 5.5 lbs and getting longer. The Vet said she is the cutes dachshund and is in great health. She is almost loves being outside and laying on the deck.
They all have dog house outside but the other day I found all of them in Casper's house and it was so funny to see the 3 of them inside. Tell Johnny I will try to send some pictures this weekend.

Just wanted to let your know Daisy is fine and doing great.
She weighs 7 lbs right now and eats like a horse. She loves carrots and chew stuff and squeeky toys.. Yes she has big bin full of toys to play with. She is the queen of the this house and keeps Shorty and the cats in line.We are all fine and just busy at work.
Karen, I see by the web page you have new babies..They look so cute.  Make sure Johnny see the pictures...


Karen,I just wanted to tell you that Britta has continued to enamor herself to our family. She is such a joy. I have to agree, she is a fetcher. She loves to chase down a ball or toy and bring it back. Secondly, I wanted you to know that you can use our family picture on your site. I read the document I signed and realized that I initialed the section about not using our picture. Please disregard. Susan and Emma have requested that our picture be shared. So, please do. Once again, thank you for giving Britta such a great start. She is healthy, happy and full of herself. Have a great weekend,   xxxx

Dear Karen,

Thanks so much for writing. I am glad you enjoy the blog--I realize I
need to update it, and I've got lots to write on lots of topics, but
naturally, there will be some new photos of Baby Britta soon. We are all
completely besotted with her, and she's quickly made herself right at
home here in the big city.

She has GROWN! She's still dainty and petite, but we can finally tell a
big difference between the photos we took the first day she came into
our life and the way she looks now. She loves to run UP stairs, but has
still not quite figured out how to go down them. Monday evening, rather
than risk walking down the four steps out the back door, she took a
flying leap off of the porch to the ground--a distance of nearly three
feet. This is NOT the first time she has done it. I have started
referring to her as the "Lipizzaner Dachshund," after the flying
Lipizzaner horses, because she throws her front feet out in front of her
when she leaps.
xxxxl is buying an old house in xxxx, and Britta discovered she can
run all the way up the stairs from the ground floor to the third floor
attic! There, she waits patiently for someone to carry her back
downstairs. I suppose once we get moved in that will become someone's
full-time job--rescuing Britta from the top of the house!!!
She has begun leash training, and not surprisingly, is taking to it
quite well. xxxx especially walks her on long brisk walks in order to
wear her out before bedtime. I'm quite proud of how she does a good job
of keeping close to heel and is pretty cooperative in general,
especially for a headstrong almost-three-month-old.
This past weekend we took her to xxxx (where the zoo is) to meet
some other dogs. Britta has been getting just a little bit big for her
britches and was actually getting a little snippy with Emma. We thought
a little canine socialization might help that matter. She asked to be
put down and off the leash and ran smack into a knot of dogs including
two Rottweilers, an oversized Sheltie and two mixed-breed dogs. It took
about two seconds for her to realize her mouth had written a check her
little rear-end couldn't cover. She didn't cry or whimper, though, and
within minutes she was literally running with the big dogs. She came
home covered in big-dog spit and smelly from walking into the pond a
couple of times--naturally picking the most algae and scum covered edges
to wade through. Emma bathed her in the sink and made her sweet and
clean again.

Sadly, her puppy coat is starting to fade, but her mature coat is just
as rich and red and beautiful as Dixie's. Did I tell you she ripped the
rubber fins off of Son of Squeaky Fish (she got another fish toy--with
rubber pectoral fins and cotton rope dorsal fins)? She put her front
paws on his body and yanked the rubber fins right off of him. She lays
on her back with either of the fishes in her paws and bites the squeaker
repeatedly while rolling her eyes madly. Truly, she looks like a
complete nutjob when she does it, and I think she knows it. Squeaky Fish
is to Britta as Emma's stuffed Bunny is to her--truly a boon companion.
He goes from room to room with her and is always in the kennel or basket
with her.
Dixie sounds like quite the accomplished hunter! That is sad that the
bird was killed, but that's part of nature, I suppose. Britta has been
very feisty with the rabbits lately, so I'm not sure if we're going to
be able to let them spend much time around one another. They're really
too old to put up with much nonsense from a puppy. She seems to be
playing, but I don't want to run the risk of the more aggressive one
putting Britta's eye out with a well-placed paw swipe.

Best to you all in Dachshund Heaven!


Hi Karen,

I thought you might want to hear how Holly/Rosie is settling into her new home. She is just the sweetest thing in the world. She has won over my entire family. She sleeps so well in her crate at night! She loves to sit on the couch when anybody is up there- including the cats! She is still trying to get the cats to play with her- so far no luck. They are very interested in her though. She LOVES treats and she will do anything to figure out how to get them. We can often find her sniffing underneath the pantry door where her food is kept. She's doing really well with her housetraining and even learning to tell me when she needs to go outside. I really can't thank you enough for her! She is the love of my life already. I've attached some pictures of her too! 
Take care, xxxx


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