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Things I enjoy as a Mini Dachshund Lover

I design these clingys and have them made professionally. They are made where you can put them inside your car window.  All it takes is a light spritz of water and they stay on the window till you take it off.



                                          Scanned. Black is really clear.                                    How it looks on a car window.  Looks better if spritzed with water!

 Price $15 - includes shipping

                                                          Belly bands for the territorial male

I love these very masculine belly bands and make them myself.  The bands are made of thick manly-man camo material with batting inside, industrial velcro closure and made to fit your male.  Designed to use with a disposable mini pad.  Completely washable and dryable.  It makes it easier for the owner of a leg hiker to have the loving,  lovely male inside.  

  Measure girth below the waist - making sure the tape measure sits on middle of penis area.   


                Price $8 each or 2 for $13 -  includes shipping

I  accept USPS Money Orders or Personal Check(allow 10 days for check to clear before ship)


Links to things I enjoy.  Websites I visit.  Places I buy dachshund things.  Great breeders of mini dachshunds. 


 GSA Enterprises - Owned and Operated by John's childhood friend, Greg.   A great place to buy home security products, knives, loupes.  Great prices!               

A Time 2 Sew - Great Quilt Shop in Collinsville. And, the only one that I know of in this area. Great deals on quilt shop quality fabrics. Southern Hospitality +  If they don't have it, they will find it for you.. They had their 1st quilt retreat recently.  It was catered by  Nessa's Parties - which is another way to say Yummy and Pampered.  They are planning another Retreat soon.  Come if you can.  It's great fun. and you will learn something new and meet other friendly quilters.

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